London Sports Massage

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Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and much, much more!

So if you have an injury you can’t shake off or you think you have posture problems or any other type of muscle injuy, why not see how a Massage Therapist can help.

Suffering from……..

Back pain?

Shoulder pain?


Sore Neck?

Tight muscles? 



Fed up with just taking painkillers?


Become and stay injury free, with no commitment to a long term plan.

I believe that with the right assessment, treatment,  pain management and education, you can’t go wrong!


Sports Massage

Sports Massage

See how a Massage Therapist can help you.


I’m a massage therapist trained and ready to treat your muscle problems and get you back to your peak performance level as soon as possible I also deal with clients from all walks of life, Office workers with postural problems and fatigue issues, older clients and everyone in between. So bad backs, sore necks, aching shoulders, beware!

I know you are looking for the best professional treatment possible and great aftercare experience with information to help you reach your personal goals and make sure you have an understanding of self-help.

Everyone cares about your health and wellbeing so surely it’s worth investing in a professional massage from a professional therapist who can create a bespoke treatment package especially for you.

Appointments available at my clinic which is based in Holborn, You will find me here most evenings.  If you wish I can also come and visit you at home (mobile treatment, if based in London)

Fed up with your back pain? Book a  treatment you will not only get a professional massage but also advice such as stretches and changing office or exercise habits will ensure the pain does not come back. I can also help you to solve what caused the issue so it doesn’t happen again.




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