About Me

Michalis Wheeler is a Running Massage Specialist with more than 16 years of experience, currently, work in and around Holborn.

Michalis trained at the famous London School of Soft Tissue Therapy (LSSM)

He learned Sports Massage techniques as well as soft tissue techniques there.

Having been a runner for more than a decade, he kept getting the same calf strain. He didn't want to go the painkiller route so he looked into stretching properly. By chance, he heard about Sports Massage and after a bit of research, he discovered the LSSM, be went along to an introduction weekend and was hooked. After a year of studying he became a fully qualified Sports Massage Therapist.

Loving every minute of my work is something few people can say but Michalis loves all the massage work and has made great friends with clients over the years.

He keeps up to date with the latest techniques by completing CPD courses every year.

He also enjoys running,  having ran the London marathon and many half marathons too. So if your a running coming to see him you will be in great hands as he fully understands the issues that runners have and that they can face.

If you're just starting out with running and need some help to make sure your issues don't turn into Injuries, Michalis is the guy to see.




Me Running on one of the hottest days of the year!



I love running, that's how I found out about sports massage. Or I should say a calf strain was. I have been running casually through my thirties. Now in my forties, I take it a little bit more seriously but I still have fun running. I have run distances from 5k races up to Full Marathons. Maybe one day I will run an ultra, who knows!

Because I am a veteran runner I can help you with your running needs, If you're starting out I can give you advice and help you with your injuries before they force you out of a race. If you're a regular runner you can come to me and I will help you recover from your races and long training runs as well as help identify issues before they stop you from running. I have years of experience in this and I also specialize in treatments for runners. Don't worry if you're not a runner I can help you with also sorts of issues you may have.

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