Prices of Treatments


One-Hour Massage Treatment in Holborn Clinic    £60

This my general massage treatment book which involves a brief postural assessment. Some range of movement tests and then once we have established where the work needs to be done we will use Muscle Energy Technique, Soft Tissue Release, deep tissue and Core Fascial Release to name a few techniques. Each treatment is tailor-made for each client and session so you know you are always getting a bespoke treatment every time.


90 Minute Sports Massage £90

With a 90 minute treatment, we get more time to treat you as a whole, not just the area that your feeling pain. We will treat areas around it and the body as a whole, using Core Fascial Release, Myofascial release, deep tissue, soft tissue release, muscle energy technique and some other techniques. Because this is a bespoke treatment you will not be receiving a standard treatment. You will be receiving a super treatment.


90 Minute Core Fascial Release Treatment  £90 (Highly Recommended)

CORE Fascial Release is a type of body therapy for deep tissue release, based on the work of Ida Rolf .PhD , the woman behind the technique called Rolfing. This technique was modified by Noah Karrasch BS Ed. LMT and advanced certified Rolfer. The basic concept of this is that gravity and trauma have weighed us down and tightened us up.
Experiencing CORE Fascial Release will free holding patterns in the connective tissue network of the body. Realigning the body with gravity and creating a new balance.

The result is freedom, ease and release of pain.

Core Fascial Release sessions last more than an hour due to the nature of the slow movements in the deep muscles. It is also recommended that you book 5 sessions to get maximum benefit from this technique.


Moblie Massage Treatment £60 (Price may vary ) 

 This is the same as the one-hour treatment that I would perform in the clinic but in this case, I will come to you at your home or place of work. I will bring my table and other bits and pieces but you must please have towels available.

I will travel to you within the London underground network (Zone 1-5) or via car if you're close to the UB5 postcode but be contact me to make sure. I book up quickly for this as I do not have a lot of slots available per week. Weekends are best but weekday appointments are also available.

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