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One-Hour Massage Treatment in Holborn Clinic    £60

This my general massage treatment book which involves a brief postural assessment. Some range of movement tests and then once we have established where the work needs to be done we will use Muscle Energy Technique, Soft Tissue Release and deep tissue to name a few techniques. Each treatment is tailor-made for each client and session so you know you are always getting a bespoke treatment every time.


90 Minute Integrated Myofascial Sports Massage Treatment in Holborn Clinic  £90 (Highly Recommended)

What can you expect in a 90-minute treatment? Well, to start with we will get to spend more time getting to the deeper muscles using the Myofascial release as well as other techniques. Once we have found a trail that needs to be worked on we will get to work on realigning your body and addressing postural problems, maybe some you not even sure you have. The pace is slower but it's far more effective to work slower when working deeper. There is not set treatment as every client will bring with them their unique situations with them, So every treatment is tailor made for you. 

The 90 minute treatment is highly recommended as we can spend time working on deeper levels and the deeper the work is the slower you need to go.


Moblie Massage Treatment (Please contact me as prices vary)  £?

 This is the same as the one-hour treatment that I would perform in the clinic but in this case, I will come to you at your home or place of work. I will bring my table and other bits and pieces but you must please have towels available to cover yourself.

I will travel to you within the London underground network but be contact me to make sure. I book up quickly for this as I do not have a lot of slots available per week. So book as soon as possible.





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